Negotiate the professional learning and planning session you need!

Are all of your learners deeply engaged? Are all learners achieving the best they can? You’ll find outlines of professional learning and planning sessions here. All of these programs focus on student engagement and achievement.

How could these programs be tailored to suit your context? What’s needed in your context? What does your available data suggest?

Gather evidence of professional standards in action!

All programs here—and those developed for particular schools—are framed within the context of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). Throughout these programs, you’ll be able to gather, share and reflect upon artefacts that demonstrate the professional standards. This will help you to reflect individually and to collaborate within a range of professional learning communities. Relevant artefacts, shared in innovative ways, are a great asset when applying for jobs as well.

It's all about school improvement!

Programs can also be tailored to advance explicitly school improvement in relation to particular domains of the National School Improvement Tool (State of Queensland (DETE) & ACER, 2012).

All programs are tailored to suit your context!

Pre-workshop collaboration (via online or face-to-face options) is essential to ensure that the learning intentions and success criteria meet your school’s needs and strategic direction. In all programs, further success criteria, related to specific school actions, are negotiated and built into the program. Importantly, all programs are designed and enacted within the context of particular sector/employer accountabilities, including policies and priorities.
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