Professional learning and planning

Program description

It sounds obvious that what we teach, what and how we assess, and the teaching/learning activities need to be aligned. It isn't always the case!

Program rationale

Students are more engaged—and achieve more—when they can see the links between curriculum, assessment and the teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Teachers are more focused, effective and efficient when alignment is strong!

The ‘What and How’

In this program, participants enhance their understandings in relation to what we mean by alignment of curriculum, assessment and teaching/learning. In this program, participants:

  • complete an alignment check on an existing teaching/learning unit with alignment improvements identified and planning updated
  • complete an assessment health check with improvements identified to increase credibility, intellectual rigour, authenticity and user-friendliness of assessment tasks1; with task sheets and guides to making judgment2 updated.

1 CIAU (Queensland Studies Authority [now QCAA], n.d.).
2 GTMJ also referred to as a task-specific standards matrix/continua (QCAA), rubric or a criteria sheet.

Specific focus areas within:

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Standard 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning; Standard 6: Engage in professional learning